Spring Musical 2020 – Return to the Forbidden Planet

This production has now been cast! See below for the cast list:

Captain Tempest (Stardust Captain, standard hero & pipe smoker)

Peter Francis

Doctor Prospero (A mad scientist)

Stephen Fletcher

Miranda (Virgin & would be homecoming queen)

Sally Airey

Ariel (A soft hearted robot)

Tom Baker

Cookie (The ship’s cook, a helpless romantic)

Darren White

Science Officer “Gloria” (A woman with a mysterious past)

Eleanor Bradbury

Bosun Arras (an all-round good guy)

Kate Youll

Navigation Officer (A woman who knows where she’s going)

Chrissie White

Damage Control

Mark Bluemel

Clive Winchester

Hayleigh Baker

Pippa Mills

News Reader

Stuart Nash