Guys and Dolls

Gambler Nathan Detroit has few options for the location of his big craps game. Needing $1,000 to pay a garage owner to host the game, Nathan bets Sky Masterson that Sky cannot get virtuous Sarah Brown out on a date. Despite some resistance, Sky negotiates a date with her in exchange for bringing people into her mission. Meanwhile, Nathan’s longtime fiancée, Adelaide, wants him to go legit and marry her.

Our production of Guys and Dolls will be 16th – 19th May, 2018.  Rehearsals will begin with a sing through, as usual – all welcome!

If you think you would like to get involved in this fantastic musical, here are some dates for your diary, all the following will take place at Alton Assembly Rooms:

  • Thursday 23 November:  Come and sing through Guys and Dolls  7.45pm start
  • Thursday 30 November:  Auditions:  7.45pm start
  • Thursday 7 December:   Overflow auditions but only if critical. Otherwise, first rehearsal. 7.45pm
  • Thursday 14 December:  Second rehearsal and Christmas carols 7.45pm

The audition pieces and vocal ranges are show in the tables below and can be downloaded from the links that follow. Please note that there are no dialog audition pieces – these will be workshopped on the day.