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Alton Operatic and Dramatic Society (AODS) are an amateur operatic and dramatic society who put on many different productions including musicals, operettas, plays and revues.

Founded in 1921, AODS has grown to become a two-shows-a-year society which provides first class entertainment for the people of Alton and a hectic social life for its members.

The very latest news about what is happening in the society can be found on our Facebook page. If you are a society member you can also join the conversation about AODS on our Facebook group!

We are always looking for new members, so if you like what you see on this website please contact us about becoming a member!


We were delighted to find out yesterday that we have received a well deserved Accolade of Excellence from NODA for ‘ALLO, ‘ALLO.
“This was an excellent example of ensemble performance. AODS succeeded in casting actors who – on the whole – were remarkably similar in looks and accents, to their TV counterparts. This was either by good luck, cosmetics and wigs or hard work! All the elements that make the tv programme so funny and popular were present in this stage show from the ridiculous accents, the relationship between Herr Flick and Helga, Crabtree’s strangled English accent as well as Gruber’s unrequited affection from Rene. Rene’s romances with Yvette and Mimi brought forth many laughs as did the off key singing of Edith’s. Everyone clearly enjoyed their roles and this added to the enjoyment for the audience. Under the direction of Miles Eden and fantastic support from the creative and production team, this was a very polished production that was full of fun and laughter. Taken from the report by Chris Horton, District 14 Representative, NODA
Many congratulations to all those involved on and off stage with this production – well done!

Spring Musical 2024 – Legally Blonde 

AODS proudly presents Legally Blonde:

We are delighted to announce the fabulous cast of our May Musical – Legally Blonde, the Musical. We send a huge AODS welcome to all our new members.
Elle – Samantha Brown
Emmett – Nic Main
Warner – Dan Wigmore
Margot – Melanie Wedlock
Serena – Victoria Howard Andrews
Pilar – Lucy Thickett
Vivienne – Sapphire Heath
Callahan – Martin Sampson
Carlos – Philip Mumford
Nikos – Leo Gordon
Kyle – Rob Day 
Paulette – Annie Veneti
Brooke – Rebecca Norton
Enid – Arabella Davis
Kate – Sophie Lloyd
Leilani – Rebecca Norton
Gaelen – Lauren Palmer
Store Manager – Beth Mills
Elle’s Mum – Sally Airey
Elle’s Dad – Kevin Hanlon
Professor Winthrop – Darren White
Professor Lowell – Eleanor Bradbury
Professor Pforzheimer – Tony Randall
Sandira Padaman – Josie Opio
Amy Schultz – Emma Woodley
The Judge – Darren White 
DA Joyce Riley – Kate Youll 
Court Stenog – Sapphire Cook
Harvard Students : –
Julie Honey
Heather Armitage
Beth Mills
Sapphire Cook
Phillip Mumford

There’s a role for you in the AODS crew!

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