Return to the Forbidden Planet

What feels like a lifetime ago, AODS were preparing our spring production when lockdown happened and the blue touch paper was extinguished along with everyone else’s productions.

We are now able to launch this fantastic show and complete our journey.

Shakespeare’s long lost science fiction, rock and roll musical is loosely based around The Tempest and with music ranging from “Wipeout” through “Good Vibrations” and rising to the finale with “Great Balls of Fire”, we will journey through space, fighting monsters and rescuing scientists and damsels in distress – and WE WANT YOU!

We need crew members for the Spaceship Albatross for the journey to planet D’Illyria, where we will meet Prospero, his daughter and their robot.

Pre-flight preparations are due to begin in November 2024 with our introductory evenings and audition preparation, with auditions and crew postings in December.

If you fancy a trip to space with AODS please contact to join our mailing list, so we can keep you informed when the dates are finalised.