The Ghost Train

Six travellers are stranded overnight at a rural Cornish station, which according to local legend is haunted by a special service train that met with a tragic end some twenty years earlier.
With no more trains until morning, no cars to be found and the weather making leaving on foot an unpleasant option, the stranded passengers choose to spend the night at the station, but midnight approaches and the ghost train is due to arrive…

Arnold Ridley’s The Ghost Train is a comedy-thriller set in a dilapidated railway station waiting room, featuring ghost stories, marital disputes and at least one person with an ulterior motive.

AODS will present the revised edition of The Ghost Train from 14-16 November 2024.

There will be an introductory evening on Thursday 20 June, with further read-throughs and workshops on Monday 24 and Thursday 27 June. Auditions will take place on Thursday 4 July. 
All held at The Salvation Army Hall doors open at 7.35pm for a prompt 7.45pm start. Rehearsals will start in September.


  • Saul Hodgkin, Stationmaster. Cornish accent, age 30-60
  • Richard Winthrop, businessman. Traditional and overworked, age 30-50.
  • Elsie Winthrop, his wife. Strong-minded and independent, age 25-50.
  • Charles Murdoch, businessman and newlywed. Ideally under 30, but some flexibility.
  • Peggy Murdoch, his wife (as of this morning). Ideally under 30, but some flexibility.
  • Miss Bourne, a spinster, travelling alone. It would be impolite to specify her age.
  • Teddy Deakin, a foolish young man. Age 30-40, his behaviour suggests that he’s younger than he is.
  • Julia Price, a glamorous young woman. Ideally under 35, a dramatic individual who needs to be able to scream and faint.
  • John Stirling, a respectable doctor. Age 40-60
  • Jackson, a policeman. Age irrelevant, a tiny role.

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