Allo Allo

Show Report from NODA 


We were delighted to find out yesterday that we have received a well deserved Accolade of Excellence from NODA for ‘ALLO, ‘ALLO.
“This was an excellent example of ensemble performance. AODS succeeded in casting actors who – on the whole – were remarkably similar in looks and accents, to their TV counterparts. This was either by good luck, cosmetics and wigs or hard work! All the elements that make the tv programme so funny and popular were present in this stage show from the ridiculous accents, the relationship between Herr Flick and Helga, Crabtree’s strangled English accent as well as Gruber’s unrequited affection from Rene. Rene’s romances with Yvette and Mimi brought forth many laughs as did the off key singing of Edith’s. Everyone clearly enjoyed their roles and this added to the enjoyment for the audience. Under the direction of Miles Eden and fantastic support from the creative and production team, this was a very polished production that was full of fun and laughter. Taken from the report by Chris Horton, District 14 Representative, NODA
Many congratulations to all those involved on and off stage with this production – well done!

Based on the hugely successful British television series that ran for seven seasons, this uproarious comedy relates the adventures of hapless cafe owner, René, in occupied France. You can see all of your favourite TV characters in the flesh, including René’s tone-deaf wife Edith, Officer Crabtree, and the Gestapo officer Herr Flick!


René Artois: Geoff Slaughter

Edith Artois: Tamasin Ellis

Yvette Carte-Blanche: Rebecca Norton

Mimi Le Bonque: Lizzy Hurley

Colonel Kurt von Strohm: Stuart Nash

Private Helga Geerhart: Chrissie White

Captain Bertorelli: Paul Gray

Herr Flick: Darren White

Michelle Dubois: Sophie Borrell

Crabtree: Will Nash

Lieutenant Gruber: Tony Bevan

Leclerc: Brian Arrowsmith

General von Schmelling: Greg Shaw

Airmen, Soldiers and Peasants: Rob Hudd, Christian Wedlock, Kerri Nash and Dave Rogers