Alton Assembly Rooms. March 2013

This time of year is perfect for making a date.  So why not make one between 6th and 9th March to enjoy the latest production from Alton Operatic and Dramatic Society at the Alton Assembly Rooms.  This year’s musical production is Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Ruddigore” or “The Witches Curse”.
Let AODS whisk you away on a magical date to the village of Redderring, where the countries only professional corps of bridesmaids are waiting patiently for Rose Maybud, the beauty of the village, to select the man she wishes to marry.  If only the manners will meet her standards in accordance with her book of etiquette.
Will she select bachelor number one, the shy farmer Robin Goodfellow, who has loved her for many moons; or will it be bachelor number two the boisterous sailor Richard, returning from a life on the ocean, who falls in love with her the moment he sees her.  Who will she choose and will the loser take it graciously.  Will the local bad boy, the cursed Baronet of Ruddigore decide that he will be bachelor number three and take her by an ‘Italian look’, to count as his sin for the day.  Who will end up happily ever after?  Will the bridesmaids ever get the chance to attend ANY bride?

Cast List

Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd – Ben Dowsett
Richard Dauntless – Simon Jenkins
Sir Despard Murgatroyd – Nigel Evans-Thompson
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd – Peter Francis
Old Adam Goodheart – Ellis Nicholls
Rose Maybud – Jane Gray
Mad Margaret – SarahJennings
Dame Hannah – Kate Youll
Zorah – Beth Mills
Ruth – Heather Davies